Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I ♥...

i love her.

i love them.

and him

and them too.

i love here.

and here

i love this.

and that.

i love....

being a mommy

when big j gets up with little j at 5 o'clock on saturday mornings so i can sleep in

that my daughter has slept 8 hours on 3 different occasions, not consecutively but that's still progress!

that my mom seems to always know when i'm having a bad day, and calls to "check on" me without me having to call her first.

that the honeymoon period of my marriage is over, but i am more in love with my husband today than i was the day i married him

the way my dad knows how fix e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g

when i let mr. butler out of his crate in the morning, he stretches out as wide as he can and then jumps up and hugs my leg

the smell of lemon zest

the inside jokes i share with my brother

a good tube of mascara

taking pretty pictures and making pretty papers

the way my daddy says "you're so pretty, i love you so much" to my daughter

a good book

my mother's hands
they are always soft as butter and cool to the touch

mismatched antique silverware

dancing around with jolie to motown music when she's having a meltdown

old christian, gospel, & camp hymns/songs

a long nap

the smell of jolie's laundry

the feeling i get when we pass over the causeway to the island

hearing jolie and her daddy 'talk' to each other

repeating 'i love jolie' over and over again and having her coo back at me each time

telling jolie that she's smart, pretty, kind, loving, generous, patient, respectful, humble, grateful, all the words of traits that i want to instill in her as she grows.

creme brulee

the feeling of coming home i get when i walk through the door of the house in ssi

the dual feeling of coming home i get when i walk through the door of our home every day

pinning things on pinterest

lewis grizzard

when tiki-belle puts her paws up on the side of the bed and looks over the mattress with a hopeful look on her face asking to be let up on the bed (works every time)

lunch dates with my grandmother

when i cook something that actually tastes good

driving through emerson and seeing my uncle riding down the road on his lawn mower

planning all the little and big things i/we want to do to the house

singing along with adele and k̶n̶o̶w̶i̶n̶g̶ thinking i sound exactly like her.

researching my family history

looking up words in a thesaurus

play dates for mommy

when all the laundry is finished and put away (until j gets home)

that our neighbor/friend who watches jolie during the day loves her like a surrogate granddaughter

the face jolie makes when she wakes up and stretches

watching and laughing at 'how i met your mother'

$1 sweet teas from McDonald's

pronouncing McDonald's "Macdonalds" and driving Jason crazy in the process

the way jolie's hair sticks up after her bath, nap, playtime, nursing, etc... and we nearly have to slick it down with spit to get it to stay down

when jolie pokes her bottom lip out right before she starts whimpering. it's not a real cry, it's more of a 'feel sorry for me' look that is just so pitiful and funny at the same time

myrtle street beach access

puppy breath

the fact that i lost all of my baby weight +some within 4 weeks of giving birth, that was 50 pounds people (i'm sure i'll gain a good bit back when i stop nursing!)

when jason brings home fresh flowers

air purifiers

decorating on a shoestring budget and it turning out like i envisioned

whimsically designed fabric patterns

eclectic farmhouse style

tufted furniture

when jason wears a bow tie

when jason wears wranglers and a pearl snap

when jason wears.... well, you get it (he makes anything look good)

mixing metals in my decor (gold, silver, pewter)

cigarette pants

being unexpectedly, but pleasantly surprised by life

sunday sermons

sunday dinners after church

the way sweet pea gets excited when i go down to feed her

sitting by the campfire on a crisp, cool evening as the sun goes down and comes back up (with a good night of sleep in between)

the sounds of birds, and crickets, and squirrels running through the trees

vintage tea cups and saucers

fair food
(as in funnel cake, fried oreos, corndogs, etc... not impartial, equal food) ps. i got to look up fair in the thesaurus. winning.

claw foot tubs and farmhouse sinks


my husband's laugh

jolie's funny faces

vintage luggage

i guess i can wrap it up here, although i could probably write a list a day on the things i love.

i hope everyone had a very happy heart day!


ps- i love my daughter.... can you tell?