Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Joliet Parker - Month 3

Dear Joliet,
You turned 3 months old on February 19th. Little lady, what gives? You are three months old and people swore to me that by three months you would be sleeping through the night, colic would be gone, and you'd be talking, walking, and potty trained... well, maybe not those last three, which is okay, because we don't want you growing up too quickly anyway!

It seems like the DAY you hit 3 months you revved up big time in the colic department. Now instead of just having meltdowns in the afternoon and evenings, you have them in the morning too. Good thing Mimaw Nita loves you like we do, or she might just tell mommy and daddy that Mr. Butler can watch you while mommy's at work, she can't do it anymore. But she keeps letting me bring you back every morning, so Amen for that!

This month you had your first bout of constipation which was almost as painful for mommy as it was for you. You cried for 2 days, and I finally called the doctor and they said bring you on in because they could tell over the phone that my hair was standing on end because you were screaming so loudly. We got you something that worked like a charm and after about 1 hour of almost constant pooping, you grinned nonstop for the rest of the night. And then geared back up for a full day of screaming your head off with daddy.

You also had your first real cold, and then you gave it to mommy and we were both miserable for about a week. We coughed and hacked, and had runny noses and no sleep. We cried a lot together that week. It was rough, but nothing serious and we bounced back once it moved on down the road.

This month you began to hold your head up for longer periods of time when mommy or daddy holds you, and you sit up pretty well when you're supported by pillows. One morning while I was getting ready for work you started whimpering and grunting and I walked back in the room and you were laying sideways and cockeyed, where had slid down and sideways and were looking at me out of the corner of your eye with an "are you kidding me? help me out here lady" look on your face. So, you're not there yet, but pretty soon, you'll be doing it all on your own.

You are talking a lot more. Cooing and blowing bubbles, and being a regular old chatty cathy. You haven't said "mommy you're my favorite" yet, but I can tell you are getting close.

You've also started reaching and grabbing for things. It's so cute to hold something out and see you swing your arms around in circles getting closer and closer to whatever I'm holding until you surprise yourself by actually grabbing it.

You are growing like a stinkin' weed and mommy and daddy have a feeling you are going to be tall. Mommy still puts you in your 3 month onesies, and you look like you are going to blow out the feet of them any moment.

You've also started drooling a lot which is a sign that teething may be just around the corner. With the spitting up and the drool, you and whoever(whomever? that one always trips mommy up!) is holding you goes through a lot of shirts during the day!

When you are starting to get fussy we can generally put you on the changing table and for whatever reason you will calm down, and start talking. I love snuggling you under your chin and blowing hard on your tummy. Your eyes get big like you have no idea what is going on, but you like it. Unless you don't and then you just get mad and scream, and mommy goes and sits in the corner, holds her knees, and rocks back and forth like a crazy lady. just kidding. maybe.

We've been taking you to church a lot lately, and you stay with us the whole time. Most Sundays you do well. Sometimes you sleep almost through the whole service, and mommy and daddy just smile and nod, and cut eyes at each other when people say, "Oh, what a good baby!". Other times you open your mouth and we can tell you're about to lose it, so Daddy jumps up with you like his britches just caught fire and heads outside before the whole place comes crashing down around us with your intense scream.

Some days it seems like you have been around for ever. Other days we look at you in wonder and just can't believe you're here. It's been 3 months, and for the life of me I can't remember what I did before you were born. Oh wait, it just came to me... sleep. I slept a lot before you were born. Some Saturdays the only decision mommy would have to make is how long to lay around on the couch before getting up and going back to bed for a nap. I don't sleep anymore. Haven't really since the day we brought you home, but that's okay. You're totally worth it. That crazy mommy with the dark circles, and bags, and new wrinkles, and oily hair, and well, you get it.... that mommy loves you like she's never loved anything before in her life.

Just in case we don't say it enough (though I think we say it a million times a day), we love you, we love you, we love you. If you are never sure about anything else in your life, you can be certain of that. Through the good, through the bad, through the long days, the even longer nights, the screaming fits, the feeling of "what am I doing wrong", all the moments, of all the days, of all our lives, we love you.

You are a whirlwind in a tiny body J-bird, and if this is any indication of the woman you are going to become, I do believe you will move mountains.

Happy 3 months Baby Girl.

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