Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2

Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Pearls & Boots

I started my blog back in February of last year. And I have a total of 15 entries.... yikes! I have got to do better.

When I first started, I wanted a descriptive name that tells a little bit about me and my personality. I borrowed the idea of the name from my favorite character in the movie Shrek... Puss 'n Boots.

The older I get, the more I tend to shy away from anything trendy. That includes cars, and housing decor, all the way down to clothing choices, and baby names. As far as clothing is concerned, when I was growing up my mama always told me to invest in the staples of fine clothing. Clean lines, rich fabrics, timeless pieces. No polyester, no rayon, no blends (and for Lord's sakes, no spandex!). Yes, they will be more expensive initially, but they will last forever, and they will never go out of style. Meaning you won't have to replace your wardrobe every season. As far as accessories are concerned, what is more timeless and classic than a strand of pearls? I l.o.v.e pearls. love 'em. They are sophisticated without being fussy. They have a true understated elegance about them. And they go with absolutely everything. They even have the ability to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. To me, pearls are representative of the finer things in life... like good wine. Jason is the connoisseur in our family, I drink Riesling at supper, and he makes fun of me because "don't you know that's a dessert wine?", and people who know wine, know that you don't drink Riesling at supper. Good manners, is another thing, but don't get me wrong, just 'cause you wear pearls, don't mean that you're a lady. I've been out with friends at night, and have seen pretty girls with pearls, getting in fist fights with other pretty girls with pearls.

Pearls don't necessarily have to say "money," nor should they. What they should represent is the ideal aspects of women's characteristics, such as graciousness, kindness, confidence, and femininity.
Diamonds are another favorite of mine, but diamonds are flashy. I am not flashy. I think that's why I love pearls so much. If pearls were a person, they would be a Grace Kelley, an Audrey Hepburn, a Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They don't scream "look at me," because they don't have to. Now, I am in no way comparing myself to these sophisticated, elegant women, but I'm saying that's what I love about pearls.

Then you have the boots side of my personality. I grew up on a farm. Where my brother and I mucked stalls and picked up rocks out of the field as punishment for smarting off or disobeying our parents. One particularly fun punishment of mine, was to re-paint the entire barn and all the outbuildings. There was no "Tom Sawyering" my way out of that one. My brother was too smart. It was torture. I'm not saying I didn't deserve it, but it was torture.
I also grew up around multiple half-nephews who are the same age as me, and we spent our weekends and evenings riding 4 wheelers, camping and getting as dirty and muddy as possible. We would play hide and seek after dark on those 4 wheelers, and if you were found you cranked yours up, and drove as fast as possible to the "safe zone" before you were tagged out. Dangerous I know. How did we not kill ourselves? Well, some of us almost did. One evening my nephew Brandon and I, "found" Justin and one of his buddies. They tore off in the dark without turning on their headlights. They managed to find the one stump in the whole field and slammed right into it going 90 to nothing. Bodies were flying everywhere, they were okay, but that was the end of hide and seek in the dark.
So the "boots" represent the side of me that loves the outdoors. I'm not a hunter, but I love to fish (catch & release). I love to camp (we just bought a used pop-up, I know, I know it's not really camping, but it is so much easier with the dogs!). I love to be outdoors with my husband, and our sweet mutts. I love to get muddy (but keep it out of my hair please). I love the rustic atmosphere of a hunting camp... and the general, everybody is your buddy attitude when you come across other like minded people who also enjoy the great outdoors. I love to ride horses... even though it's probably the sight of my handsome's behind in a pair of tight fitting wranglers that I love even more. Being outside, and enjoying being there, is just good, wholesome, and all-American fun.

It's the idea of melding these two totally different aspects together that gave me the name for my blog. The rustic, and the refined.

I love my pearls, and I love my boots. There you have it.

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