Monday, January 24, 2011

Melt Your Heart Monday...

I borrowed this idea from a fellow blogger.
After putting this together, my heart is now a puddle on the floor. Won't you join me?

I've heard that otters hold hands in rough weather so they don't get separated in the water. I like to think they do it simply because they like to.

this makes me miss my mama....

are you smiling yet?

you should be.....

i know this is staged. but good grief. i need a tissue.

hello, little bit

I'll take 2 of these please.

I can almost smell the milk breath on this little munchkin

I die. D-I-E

looking at this picture makes everything right with the world in my eyes.

I want to cuddle up with each and every one of these, as soon as possible.
yes, even this one.....

....and, this one.

Now I need to take the rest of the day off, just to recover!

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