Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Baseboards Ever!!

Is there a household chore that you hate more than the rest?
I do, it' a tie between ALL OF THEM.
But if I had to pick, just one, at this current moment in my life, it would be cleaning the baseboards.
It was this particular tortuous chore that I decided to embark upon over the MLK weekend. It so scarred me, that I am just now able to talk about it. I will not be posting before or after pictures, as the before pictures are too embarrassing, and as for the after, I can no longer crawl back down on the ground to take the pictures due to the fact that the muscles in my legs have seized up and no longer work properly. Plus, they are baseboards, and nobody cares about pictures of baseboards.
During all that squatting I did to clean them, I used muscles in my legs that I didn't know I had, and all (okay, 6) aerobics, step, and cycle classes I took, never even touched on.
I didn't wake up Monday morning with the intention of going to bed that night with the aches and pains generally afforded a ninety year old woman, but hey! it gave me something else to complain to J about, so I was all over it... just kidding.... sorta.
My plan was to do a simple mopping job in the kitchen, and then laze around in my pj's, eating everything I could get my hands on, namely pop tarts, left over Christmas candy, a slice of apple pie, and grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. However, as soon as I started, and the kitchen floor began looking rather spiffy, it made my baseboards look all that more dingy, dirty, and icky. We don't currently have children, but we do have three dogs that run-a-muck through the kitchen and foyer. I firmly believe that they have an unspoken pact to track through the house every piece of dirt, glob of mud, stick, leaf, and fluff out of doggie toys, that lands on the ground in south-east Bartow county. Plus Mr. Butler, as cute as his little self is, is still not housebroken, so you know what that means.
It means the baseboards were, well, dirty.
I sweep daily, spot mop daily, and all out mop once a week. I don't, however, do baseboards. At least, I didn't until Monday. And to tell you the truth, I don't know if I'll ever do them again. I think slapping on a new coat of paint every time they get a little dirty would be easier than scrubbing the tar out of them. I have calluses for gosh sakes.
No more baseboards ever!

P.S.- I want this sofa. I'll never get it (it's $6000), but I want it all the same.

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