Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A House to Call Home

Jason and I live in the house I grew up in. My parents moved to the beach house in St. Simons (lucky them), and took their dogs and little else. Therefore, the home my husband and I live in, looks exactly the same as it did on the day I graduated high school. Which honestly, I don't mind, I mean, it's home. But it does semi-bother Jason... and because it bothers him, it bothers me, mainly because I hear about it. Oh the joys of marriage! haha. In all reality he has been EXTREMELY patient with the fact that for a year and a half, our bedroom still has stuff on the walls from when I was in middle school.... That being said, it is time to REVAMP THE FARMHOUSE!! Thank God most of what my parents chose to put in the house when they built it 22 years ago, were choices based on timeless, traditional lines. Meaning we won't have to do any large scale renovation. We will be working mainly with things like paint, lighting, and eventually flooring. At some point in the future we would love to add a room onto the back of the house, with a tin roof to be used as a den.

The refreshing will be done in stages, and therefore I've decided to blog the process.

The kitchen is first and foremost, mainly because it's the one room that is getting on my nerves the most. Probably because I almost have a seizure every time I walk in due to the fact that the color on the walls is similar to the surface of the sun. It is that yellow. And it has got. to. go.

I will upload BEFORE pictures of the kitchen this evening. But below are pictures that I am using for inspirations. There are elements of each that I love. That I am hoping to incorporate into "OUR" kitchen. Hope J likes it! ;-)

love the understated charm of this kitchen. clean, but lived in.

L.O.V.E this kitchen... I just don't know if I can talk myself into painting our cherry cabinets.
But I'm seriously thinking about it.

this one really nothing like the first two, other than it's not your cookie cutter kitchen. AND i love it.... how to choose which direction we want to go in?!? By the way, I can pretty much guarantee that J will say it's too busy, with too much stuff... which it is, and it does, but i love it.

love the retro look, and i can pretty much see jason rolling his eyes on this one.
would probably never do this, but love the feel of it.

love the open shelving, and the painted pine board walls.

I think I can conclude that I love the open, light filled kitchens. It's a good thing we have big windows, and a set of french doors in our kitchen.
Pictures up soon!!


  1. There's a theme to them--bright white with great accents! I think they're each beautiful and since you're a creative genius, it'll have your special touch!! -Kelly Tamayo

  2. That open shelf unit on the last page they got at IKEA...it is a great place to look...just take all day! it is my fave place!