Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11: Bag Lady

Day 11: What's In Your Purse

The more appropriate question here would be what's not?
I think I might have been a squirrel in my past life, because I don't like to throw anything away. I'm not a hoarder.....yet. Handsome says I'm toeing the line. BUT I hereby solemnly swear you will never find any dead cats that are so paper thin they make a crinkling noise and you can see through them, in my purse, or my possession for that matter (poor kitties).

This is not my purse. I wish it was though.

I'd also like to call this little sweet gem mine as well....

and, this one....

okay, I could do this all day. moving on.

I just dumped my purse out on my desk.... Good.Lord. I was even a little bit taken back by the amount of stuff in there... and that's hard to do.

*3 tubes of lip gloss....all pink
*86¢ (that's enough to make a phone call right?)
*2 Matchbooks from Canoe (where we went to eat for Valentine's Day)
*1 Comb
*1 Makeup bag (with it's own set of clutter problems)
*4 Packets of Twinings of London English Breakfast Tea (I love my hot tea!)
*1 Set of Keys... ah! that makes me feel better, at least I didn't lock them in the car. I was a little worried about that.
*1 Wallet with 500 receipts sticking out of either side.
*1 Small bottle of hand lotion in my signature scent...BVLGARI Eau Parfumée au thé blanc
*Enough paint swatches, in a multitude of colors, to tape over all the yellow in my kitchen.
*A print out of the haircut that I want (that I still have not made an appointment for)
*17 Napkins (if you feel the need to wipe your hands or blow your nose throughout the day, feel free to ask for one... I obviously have plenty)
*1 News bulletin from the church we visited this past Sunday... actually I have 2 of these. Must have grabbed J's and stuffed his in there too.
*1 Mini Snickers wrapper sans the Snickers
*1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
*3 paper clips
*All 3 of my dogs rabies tags that I keep meaning to put on their collars... I honestly don't have a clue why or how they wound up in my bag, but it totally explains the jingling noise I've heard emanating from my purse every time I pick it up lately.
*1 sticky note with the word call underlined and exclamated, but no further information than that. It's in my handwriting so it had to have been me who wrote it. Preetty sure whoever I was supposed to call never heard from me... hope they're not mad!
*1 USB cord for my camera

It seems my memory is going, since a lot of this stuff is not ringing any bells on how it actually wound up in my bag... rabies tags, sticky note, cord.... no clue.

*1 Roll of tape in it's dispenser. We're talking the large, office desktop size dispenser. I was posting up Missing Dog fliers in my neighborhood, and obviously thought my bag was the perfect place to put the tape when I was finished with it.
*3 Missing Dog fliers. I ran out of signs in the neighborhood to post them to. (These are not for me, all our dogs are present and accounted for... a lady in the neighborhood down the road from us is missing her pup)
*And last but not least, a pair of pearl earrings that I thought I had lost.... so that's where they've been this whole time!

Moral of this story? If I have misplaced something, the first place I should look is inside my purse.


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