Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 7: Let Your Soul Shine

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about my blog didn't you? Well, never fear, I am back to bore you with more inconsequential details about me and my life...

Thursday Handsome and I bid adieu to the farm, left the kitty cats to fend for themselves, and took a much needed mini-vacation to St. Simons to visit my family. (I miss them. All the time.) I hesitated to leave the purr babies for so long to fend for themselves in the wilderness, but J said they have their claws for battle, should the need arise, and I also saw it as a good opportunity for Petra to realize how important a person I really am in her life, and thought it may make her appreciate me more after my return. It didn't. Once we came home, and settled in, she preceded to jump up on the couch, walk right across me, and curl up in the crook of J's arm. No loyalty that one.

Our trip....we did a lot of laying around, reading (me), playing online poker (J), and eating. I ate a whole pack of Oreo's on Friday. by.myself. And they were double stuffed, meaning I really ate TWO packages of Oreo's on Friday. by.myself. Yikes. I had to lay flat on the bed this morning to get my jeans zipped. Nice image huh? Anyway... it rained. A lot. But we got to spend some good quality time walking the dogs, cleaning up after the dogs, running after the dogs when they ran off with my family. I miss them. All the time.

J and I also took a couple of poles and wet a hook for a little bit. We caught nothin'. But had a good time at it anyway.

Here I am feeding the seagulls our leftover shrimp. J took this. He's quite proud of the action shot, (me, in the air looking like the biggest goon). It happens to look even more silly, because there's not the slightest sign of a bird anywhere in that picture. But trust me, they are there, about to swoop in from all sides.

So, that explains my absence from my blog. Did I mention, I miss my family?

Day 7: Put Your Ipod on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that play.

Well, J broke my Ipod. He says he didn't, but I know the truth. Actually, I don't really think he did, but it did just so happened to have stopped working while in his possession. Dern thing won't even turn on. I keep meaning to google it, but I just never can seem to find the time.... Anyway, the Ipod is shot, BUT, I did run across a CD of mine that I burned a while back that just happens to have playable songs on it, so, that's what ya get. Beggars can't be choosers round these parts. I really am amazed that the CD even plays, I have a tendency to scratch the bejeejesuz out of anything that says "do not scratch." Cell phones, CD's, the sidewalls of my tires....It's a gift.

1. Soulshine. This is an Allman Brothers Song. It's now performed by Gov't Mule (sometimes I feel like one of those don't you? A gov't mule? anyway...) And one of my all time favorite songs. E.V.E.R. It's one of my theme songs that I would have playing somewhere on the soundtrack of my life... you can listen to it here.

2. Chances Are. This is a duet by Bob Seger and Martina McBride, and it's in the movie Hope Floats... another one of my favorite songs ever recorded. This song was J's and my first dance song at our wedding... for that reason it will always, always, always have a special place in my heart. He's definitely the best I've ever met. Gives me chills every time ---> here

This must be a CD I made right before the wedding, because it has a lot of songs that were played during the ceremony and reception.... I'm listening as I go, and it's totally taking me back...

3. Galloway Girl. If you've ever seen P.S. I Love You, this song probably sounds familiar. Gerard Butler AND Jeffery Dean Morgan sing it to Hilary Swank's character.... lucky girl. Anyway, it's by one of my favorite southern rock, country, bluegrass artists Steve Earle. J and I had this on our wedding website, and the bluegrass band we had at the wedding played it. l.o.v.e it. here

4. In Your Eyes Is originally a 1980's hit by Peter Gabriel, but this particular version is by the Vitamin String Quartet. I walked down the aisle to this version. Another one of those that gives me chills. Minute 1:16, uh, yes. please. here. The lyrical version is awesome too, but we're going with the CD here folks... it does get kind of repetitive around minute 3, so feel free to cut it short, and head back this way.

5. Father & Daughter, by Paul Simon. Danced to this song with my sweet daddy at my wedding. You can dance to it with your daddy too, here.

6. Daughter, by Loudon Wainwright, this was somewhat of a contender for my daddy/daughter dance, but lost out because it basically would have made me sound like a spoiled little brat. which I'm not (I hope!), but my daddy (+mama) definitely blessed me with a lot in my life. you can listen to it here.

7. If The World Had a Front Porch, by Tracy Lawrence.... here Don't get more country than that! When I youtubed this song, this video that I linked was the first one available, so I grabbed it. I really loved the artistic nature of the video.... Visuals for virtually every line of the song. Perf! the bowl of ice cream was my favorite. ;-)

8. Blue Skies, written by Irving Berlin, recorded by many, sung here by Willie Nelson.... another one of those life soundtrack songs... I love how mellow his version is. Just an amiable, afternoon of soft rain, curled up on a porch swing with your sweetheart kinda song.... Blue October also has a song also called Blue Skies, here. This one is less mellow, makes me want to grab a jump rope and start double-dutching or something... if i had a jump rope, or knew how to double dutch...

9. I Wish It Would Rain, by Nanci Griffith. She's one of my favorite artists, and this is one of my favorites of her's, feast your ears on this little "folkabilly" jewel here.

10. The Weakness of Me, by Joan Armatrading is a haunting, somewhat gritty, totally relate-able track. Here ya go!

If any of those links don't work, or take you somewhere in cyberspace that you really shouldn't be, I apologize. I'm still learning. Aren't we always?


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