Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 9: Mom & Dad

Day 9: Your Parents

"Let's raise children who won't have to recover from their childhood." - Pam Leo

Where do I start?

God, in all His infinite wisdom, gifted me with an incredible set of parents. One of my greatest wishes is that one day, Jason and I can be at least half the parents to our children as mine were and continue to be to me.
Throughout my life they have been a constant source of strength and encouragement. They've seen me at my absolute worst, and still managed to love me unconditionally.
I have seen them happy, sad, frustrated, uplifted, disappointed, and proud. I have seen them struggle, and overcome, and every other condition in between. Along with my brother, there are few memories from my past that do not include them in it.

When I think of somebody who is infinitely kind spirited, compassionate, and charitable, my mom immediately comes to my mind. And I daily try to love, honor, and trust the Lord in the complete, and unassuming way she does. Trusting His plans for her life, seems to be an unquestionable trait of hers, and it is one that I struggle with. She gives monetary, and material gifts with an open heart, even at times when a more economical person would not, with the full faith that God will provide her and my dad with assistance in others ways and other times. He always has.
She has cool hands, that are soft like butter. And she hums gospel songs, when she vacuums, and on long car rides, and when she cooks. She does it a lot. She is a cancer survivor, and my greatest inspiration on how to handle trials and tribulations in my own life. When going through treatment, she had my dad shave her head, and she never wore a wig. She's not perfect (I did get my temper from her), but she is perfectly beautiful in spirit, and presence. Her battle with cancer opened my eyes to the fragility of the human life. The experience we had, has definitely helped me to better appreciate, the weight of each moment, of each breath I take, and the time I spend with those that possess my heart.

My daddy, he was the first man in my life, and the one that I measure all others against. (I am so very lucky that God blessed me with a husband that has so many traits that I need and desire from the love of my life.) He is strong, and resolute, he is honorable in the purest sense, uncompromising, and loyal. He can literally do anything with his hands it seems. He's a McGuyver for sure. I've never seen anything broken that he can't fix. They definitely don't make them like him anymore. I never knew what a maintenance man, plumber, or electrician looked like till I went to college. Actually, I did... he was daddy. He can do it all.
I used to dance on his feet. He would throw me up and catch me, and I felt like I could fly to the moon. I don't think I can go to the moon anymore, but he still thinks I can.
Again, he's not perfect, (and boy have I heard some stories about the younger him!!), but he has taught me so much over my life... not the least of which to check my oil once a week...(it's the life on the engine! and hey, the Bronco is still rocking right along). He is a good man. The best kind of man. And he's my daddy.

I have my mamas flash-pan quick temper, that sometimes explodes at the most inopportune moments, (I also like to be right...all the time), and I can be pretty set in my ways like my daddy, but I like to think the good, important, positive aspects of my character are from the greatest role models in my life.

Because they have made such a huge impression on me, I sometimes have a hard time separating myself from their lead, and feeling a need to check with them before making many decisions in my life. But one thing that my mom has constantly said throughout my life is that, she will know she and dad did good, if my brother and I can go out in the world, on our own, set our own goals, and succeed. With my husband's help, I'm working on it.

This is mama around age 7.

This is mama at 18... she looks like a movie star.

This is my daddy around age 6... isn't he cute?

About the same age.... I just love this one.
Wedding Day, I think this might have been the second one? The first one they were married by a blind judge at the courthouse... they had a ceremony later for family and close friends.

my wedding day.... (the only one!)

There's no denying I'm my dad's kid!

I'm a lucky girl. I don't have to recover from my childhood.


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