Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 8: Message In A Bottle

Day 8: Something You've Done That Sets You Apart

Well, I didn't really know what to write about when I got to this topic, so since I've been meaning to blog about it for awhile now, I decided to talk about something Jason and I did during our wedding that was a little different than the norm.

Jason and I got married October 10, 2009 in the backyard of a home on Hampton Point, St. Simons Island. I've always known that I would marry my husband on St. Simons, a place that is as dear to me as my own childhood home. Calling it my "second home" doesn't really do it justice. It's where the other half of my soul resides. When J and I began actually planning our wedding, friends and family assumed it would be a beach wedding, since we were dragging kindly asking them to travel 5.5 hours south to attend a wedding in the backyard? But it was the marshes, and the Spanish moss, and the shadows and light that I was after to be the backdrop and setting of my fairytale wedding.

If you've been there, you know that the Golden Isles are not your typical paradise of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water... truthfully it's gray sand, and muted, opaque sometimes green, sometimes not, always brackish waters... and it's absolutely, captivatingly, beautiful. So we planned an October wedding, in the backyard of a friends home (we could have fit maybe us and the preacher in mama & daddy's backyard), and it poured down rain 10 minutes before the music was to start, and stopped just as Jason was walking his handsome self to the end of the aisle, (can I get an AMEN!), leaving a rainbow and crystal drops of sweet southern raindrops on the leaves. It was a rather warm evening, but very few bugs (another Hallelujah here!), and because of the short shower, everything was a little "dewy" but the day was absolutely, perfectly wonderful.
I always love anything unique, different, fanciful, etc..., that being said, I knew I didn't want us to do the traditional unity candle, because they never seem to stay lit during an outside ceremony, or unity sand because I felt that was too predictable (no offense to anybody who does that at all! i think it's a wonderful memento/keepsake), and I just knew I wanted to do something whimsical and unconventional. I thought how fun it would be to really take advantage of the island/ocean setting by incorporating a message in a bottle as the "unity" aspect of our service ... so I told J about it, and surprisingly he went right along with it (I often come to him with off the wall suggestions/opinions on things, so I was expecting the look, thankfully he's super patient with his wife...that'd be me, and he really got into this idea of if I can just get him to agree to a pink refrigerator!).

So, basically, we wrote love letters to each other that neither one of us had read. We put them in a heart shaped glass bottle my mother gave us. She got it years ago, and kept it because she'd loved the shape. It couldn't have been any more perfect... I suppose it was serendipity that had made her hold on to it for so long. So J and I put in our letters, along with a letter to the finder, a self-addressed envelope, and an albino peacock feather that had been in my bouquet and J's boutonniere.

After the wedding we sealed that puppy up, waited for an outgoing tide, and threw her into the great, wide-open ocean off Gould's Inlet.

I'm pretty sure the thing probably sunk like a rock the second we turned out backs on it. But maybe it's still on it's way to China (or maybe it's caught up in one of those floating junkyards in the middle of the Atlantic that Greenpeace is always yapping about). Who knows. We will probably never see it again, but I think the mystery of where it winds up is part of the fun in it.

This is the letter we included in the bottle,

I have really, (like whoa!) terrible handwriting... and I apparently can't write a straight line. don't judge.

This is us putting our love letters in the bottle....

This is the bottle.... we realized after we did it that it looks like a seagull did his business all over it, but whatev. We poured enough wax over that cork to make multiple candles, we didn't want that cork going a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. (it probably popped of the second it hit the water).

And this... this is a little something I put together for your viewing pleasure. Be forewarned, I, nor J has any experience in cinematography. as is blatantly evident by how choppy, bouncy, poorly focused, and overall inferior quality it is.... but, I LOVE it!
ps- if you decide to watch it, i suggest you scroll to the bottom of the post and pause my "blogger tunes" first, or it might give you a headache!


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